This book is based on the budget outlook for 2014 issued by the Ministry of Finance in the Netherlands, known as the ‘Miljoenennota’. Financial figures in the budgets of the” ‘Miljoenennota” ‘ are rounded off and displayed to the decimals. In this book I have revealed all of the ‘missing’ zeroes and simultaneously hidden all the numbers which do appear. The original value of the shortened figures emerges by reinserting the missing zeroes.

My goal is to re-evaluate the value of zero. During my investigation, I noticed that the figures in the ‘Miljoenennota’ appear to be smaller and less imposing, due to the lack of zeroes. For example, 2,4 million seems less than 2.400.000. Furthermore, because the zeroes are hidden and numbers are rounded off, I am essentially exposing where other numbers between 1 and 9 could have located, but were discarded during rounding off.

This book of zeroes reminds us of what we cannot see at first glance in the countless budgets of the ‘Miljoenennota’.